Revealing Ramadan: 30 Days, 30 Voices [mp3, 4:14]

Ilana AlazzehOur 22nd voice in this series is Ilana Alazzeh, a student at Smith College in Massachusetts. Growing up in California, Texas, and Virginia, she talks about spending Ramadan with a family rich in religious diversity, and driving while singing Jewish and Christmas songs during Ramadan.

Check back on this blog each day or on our Facebook page to hear a new voice in our “Revealing Ramadan” series. If you’re the on demand type or simply need a more automated form of listening, we’ve produced a special podcast feed that’s available now. Oh, and a special show too!

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Ma sha Alla, Ilana! Good job & wonderful to hear your voice revealing the beauty of your heritage! May Allah (SWT) bless your message of diversity that finds the common threads of love, respect, and family that every human being, no matter what faith or background, can identify with and connect to others! Your mother, my dearest friend, and your beloved grandfather (May Allah [SWT] grant him Paradise), were brought alive and vibrant to me, as if I was in the car (but I wasn't)-remembering their energetic spirits, alhumdulillah! I hope everyone will tune into this wonderful program and receive its special blessings, ameen. ~Sr. Jenny Bouderdaben from TX