A few days before the holiday break, we flew to the Motor City for an interview with Grace Lee Boggs at the Boggs Center in East Detroit. The 96-year-old philosopher and activist did not disappoint, and neither did some of the wonderful people and projects happening there. Look for our show “Becoming Detroit” this coming Thursday, January 19.

Along the way, we stopped by to see our good friend Mikel Ellcessor, the general manager of WDET at Wayne State University, and couldn’t resist having Krista pose with this massive wall sign in the lobby. This public radio station is doing some pretty interesting on-the-ground reporting and community building; check ‘em out online or on the radio, if you’re in the area.

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I wake up Sunday mornings to "On Being" and it's nice to put a face on Krista. I enjoy the.conversations.

You asked about.fundraising. I am retired from the Smithsonian Institition's National Museum of the American Indian asassociate dir. Of External Affairs and chief fundraiser. I have many years of fundraising experience and would be.happy to give advice to 'On Being.' Regards, Maggie Bertin. 703.517.4715. blueherron48@gmail.com.

I am a huge fan of Krista Tippett and OnBeing and have been for years.  What a treat to read about her trip to the great city of  Detroit - i'm looking forward to hearing the show.

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