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This twitterscript is cool, but I hunger for more. I hope the transcript will be posted soon.  Trista's interview with Christian is very moving. I'm sure it was not consciously intentional that this podcast was realized just 3 days before the Gospel story of "Doubting Thomas" is read in Roman Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran and other churches around the world. Christian's reflection on doubt and unbelief very helpful in reflecting again on Thomas and Jesus. This preacher is grateful for Christian's thoughtful thoughts, poems and life.

It sure will Debbie. We don't finish producing each week's show until Wednesday. Then it goes to a transcriptionist followed by a copy editor, so we usually don't post it until Friday afternoon. We'll have it up shortly.

With regard to the gospel story, it was merely coincidental but I greatly appreciate the heads-up! Great point.

thanks. this twitter-stream is meaningfully enjoyable and i am inspired as a writer.