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In the Media

The Tim Ferriss Show
“Calming Philosophies for Chaotic Times — Krista Tippett”

Architects of Change
Maria Shriver interviews Krista Tippett

The Atlantic
The 50 Best Podcasts of 2016

TIME Magazine
8 Questions with Krista Tippett

The New York Times Magazine
Ana Marie Cox interviews Krista Tippett

Longform Podcast
Max Linsky interviews Krista Tippett

Smithsonian Magazine
What Happened to America’s Public Intellectuals?

The Commonwealth Club
Alan Jones interviews Krista Tippett

Reform Judaism
Aron Hirt-Manheimer interviews Krista

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Radio Host Krista Tippett on the Elements of Wisdom

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L.M. Browning interviews Krista Tippett

Images & Voices of Hope
Understanding Sheryl Sandberg’s Fight for Resilience

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Lindsay Kyte interviews Krista Tippett

Sean Illing interviews Krista Tippett

Twin Cities Business
Fostering Civility and Discovering Common Stakes

America Magazine
Krista Tippett: Religion does not have a monopoly on faith

If You Build It, Will They Come?

In Tough Times, Serenity Wins As Leadership Theme

The Mash-Up Americans Podcast
Krista Tippett On Why the Wisest People Are Always Smiling

Spirituality & Health Magazine
Sam Mowe interviews Krista Tippett

The Wall Street Journal
The Best Podcasts for Self-Improvement

Spirituality & Practice
The Best Spiritual Books of 2016

Library Journal

“In the present cacophony of ethnic, religious, economic, and political turmoil, this clear melody of understanding for ‘the other’ rings true and clear.”
– Best Books of 2016 – Nonfiction

Brain Pickings

“Tippett has cultivated a rare space for reflection and redemption amid our reactionary culture — a space framed by her generous questions exploring the life of meaning.”
– 16 Overall Favorite Books of 2016

The Washington Post
Notable Nonfiction Books in 2016

The Great Discontent
Tina Essmaker interviews Krista Tippett

The New York Times

“How can Americans fall back in love with one another as a people with a common fate?”
– Anand Giridharadas interviews Krista Tippett

Creative Mornings
Victoria Stoyanova interviews Krista Tippett

Utne Reader
Abby Olcese interviews Krista Tippett

The Occasional Papers
Annmarie Sanders interviews Krista Tippett

Experience Life
“On Wisdom”

Farnam Street
Book review

Think Again

“We are made by what would break us.”
– Jason Gots interviews Krista Tippett

On Being

Her most eloquent and passionate book yet.”
– Pico Iyer interviews Krista Tippett

Brain Pickings

“A tremendously vitalizing read — a wellspring of nuance and dimension.”
– Book review

The Deconstructionists
Adam Narloch and John Williamson interview Krista Tippett

All Things Considered

“We have to start having the conversations we want to be hearing.”
– NPR’s Michel Martin interviews Krista Tippett

The RobCast

“We have a set of raw materials, but it’s how we work with them that defines the life and presence we have in the world.”
– Rob Bell interviews Krista Tippett

Under the Radar

“[Becoming Wise] questions how we wish to live our lives and the messages we choose to send into the world, and then it attempts to answer those questions.”
– Book review

Greater Good

“The optimal move in a human life is to not merely grow old, but also to grow wiser.”
– Jenara Nerenberg interviews Krista Tippett

The Global Ethics Forum
Stephanie Sy interviews Krista Tippett


“I consider a conversation to be an adventure.”
– David Shenk interviews Krista Tippett

Huffington Post

“What we practice, we become.”
– Paul Raushenbush interviews Krista Tippett


“We have the raw materials… to aspire to be our best selves.”
– Colin McEnroe interviews Krista Tippett

How To Be Amazing

“I’m aware of how each of us so differently experience or don’t experience something called God.”
– Michael Ian Black interviews Krista Tippett

The Oregonian

“With young adulthood comes urgency, fierceness, impatience — qualities Krista Tippett believes we need in the world.”
– Melissa Binder interviews Krista Tippett

The Washington Post

“Some are writing obituaries for American religion. Krista Tippett is documenting its revolution.”
– Michelle Boorstein interviews Krista Tippett

Publisher’s Weekly

“Tippett’s book is an incantatory trip into the paradoxical and profound.”
– Book review

Design Matters

“The people who are getting all the attention are probably not the ones who are changing the world.”
-Debbie Millman interviews Krista Tippett

The Brian Lehrer Show

“This generation is injecting language of authenticity, transparency, integrity into our common vocabulary.”
– Brian Lehrer interviews Krista Tippett

The Good Life Project

“The soul is emergent through the life you live.”
– Jonathan Fields interviews Krista Tippett

The Spark My Muse Podcast
Lisa DeLay interviews Krista Tippett