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Bekah Johnson

Bekah Johnson went to the Institute of Production and Recording in Minneapolis for audio production and engineering. She participated in the Transom Online Workshop: a multimedia documentary production workshop where she began to learn how to tell stories in the style of public broadcasting. She currently participates in the Transom group for alums and volunteers as a guest instructor at MVNA’s Pathways program, helping pregnant and parenting teens create their own documentary stories. She loves everything audio: music, radio, audio stories and recording random sounds and interesting conversations. She keeps a blog of docustories, found sound, and quotes. She also loves rocking chairs, bourbon, cheese, Oprah, and a toy microphone called Paper Jams that she uses far too often.


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What's that one song you listen to over and over again? The one that elevates you to a space bigger than yourself, the one that gives you chills every time you hear it play. Share and we just may reach out to you for the next installment of the Your Audio Selfie project.