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Gisell Calderón

Gisell Calderón is a videographer born in Los Angeles; raised in Indiana; and currently based in Minneapolis. She remembers the 3-day road trips with her family from Indiana to LA, watching flat landscapes turn into mountains over night. She likes to think these summer trips, staring out the car window, are responsible for framing her view of the world as well as her own scale.

Gisell later earned her B.A. in Cinema and Media Studies from Carleton College, where she won a 2015 fellowship that allowed her to travel to Russia and create a film about how the landscape changed while on the Trans Siberian Railroad. She has since worked on everything from punk rock docs to photographing zines in the basement of an independent art bookstore. To Gisell, media-making is synonymous with meaning-making. She thus dedicates her life to aurally and visually exploring big ideas — with people — through tangible media.


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