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Trent T. Gilliss

Trent T. Gilliss was the founding executive editor of On Being Studios. He joined Speaking of Faith at American Public Media in 2003 as a web producer and later online editor, and became a co-founder of On Being‘s move to independence in 2013 (as Krista Tippett Public Productions). He created On Being’s original award-winning digital presence, helped envision and oversee the design and buildout of the Loring Park studio space, and curated On Being‘s first weekly email newsletter. He also served as chief content officer and publisher between 2013 and 2017.


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Bobby McFerrin on music: "I want everyone to experience at the end of my concert is everyone has this sense of rejoicing. I don't want them to be blown away by what I do, I want them to have this sense of real, real joy from the depths of their being. Because I think when you take them to that place, then you open up a place where grace can come in."