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21, 20, 19… Days of Gratitude

21, 20, 19… Days of Gratitude

Whenever we post a photo quote or a commentary on gratitude, people respond in clicks and comments. At this moment, we as a culture and a people who have so much but experience so many modern-day difficulties yearn for the opportunity to pause and be thankful. Gratefulness is baked in to our DNA it seems to me.

The online project KindSpring recently launched a “global experiment in gratefulness” they’re calling the 21-day gratitude challenge. The challenge kicked off on November 7th with the prompting question:

What do you have enough of?

On day two they followed up with:

Who do you know that you can never repay? What did they do that you will always cherish?

And today:

What do you take for granted?

This effort will end on Thanksgiving day, culminating in 21 days of reflection with some inspiration and tips for putting thought into action. KindSpring uses the language of revolution, but this effort is something much more pedestrian, much quieter and more pragmatic than that. It offers a daily practice for people to exercise their own sense of kindness and empathy, generosity and compassion. This is a practice that can endure.

Over the coming days, I’ll post some of these prompting questions on our Facebook page, on Tumblr and Twitter. I’d appreciate hearing your responses and sharing them with our communities too!

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