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BY May 6, 2017

Witnessing the faint smile of her dying mother, the daughter of Haitian-Creole parents reflects on why she’s been writing about death and grief ever since — and the cathartic edge of the Book of Revelation and C.S. Lewis.

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BY January 30, 2017

The biblical song of an exiled mother carries a daring “punk-rock” message of resistance.

BY January 27, 2017

The struggle for soul in education and patriotism, the joy of marching in step, and reckoning with the legacy of our nation’s heroes and history.

BY & Louise Dunlap January 27, 2017

Courtney shares the practical insight of a wise elder — on the tumultuous history we’ve lived through, and the work we must do to shape our future differently.

BY January 26, 2017

The aspirational ideals of our nation call us to embody compassion toward the stranger, and those whom others might cast out.

BY January 21, 2017

On finding love, teaching our children, and having gratitude for the simple things — words and music to help us seek out the best in ourselves and our neighbors.

A girl dances to the beat of a drum line during a protest after the funeral of Freddie Gray, on April 28, 2015 in Baltimore, Maryland.
BY January 20, 2017

Ahead of the Women’s March, Courtney Martin with a call to hit the streets and a vision of peaceful protest enlivened by joy and courageous togetherness.

BY January 19, 2017

Channeling Dr. King, Omid Safi examines where our nation stands on the long journey toward justice.

BY January 18, 2017

What would it look like to quarrel with our country in a way the soul would affirm? A contemplation of patriotism turned inward, and the “fierce-love truth-telling” that will help us become the democratic community we aspire to be.

BY January 17, 2017

At its best learning can also be a spiritual quest. A community of millennials is forging new networks for lifelong learning — that take the soul into account.

BY January 16, 2017

For many people of color, the feeling of safety is fluid and often fleeting. On this MLK Day, a young AME minister invokes the presence of her ancestors and chooses community over chaos, calling for brave spaces for sharing truths and collective healing.

BY January 14, 2017

From the mysterious alchemy of place to gut feelings and nature’s enveloping soundtrack — investigations into the scenery that colors our inner and outer lives.

BY January 13, 2017

From the heart of New Delhi, a singer-songwriter explores the love and loss we all experience at one time or another. Listen and enjoy!

BY January 13, 2017

There is a danger of blindness in both presuming good and ill intent in our political figures. Courtney Martin looks to the shared stories that bind us to save us from our prejudices.

BY January 12, 2017

As we grow, the qualities we look for in our relationships change — and with them, the qualities we want to nurture in ourselves. Above all else, seek kindness.

BY January 11, 2017

With the wisdom of Jane Kenyon, a contemplation on gratitude and ordinary grace in our own finite lives.

BY January 10, 2017

A pilgrimage of gratitude illuminates an essential connection between the private journeys we take in life and the messy path we all walk together.

BY January 9, 2017

From a perennial favorite on busyness to hard conversations to help us understand each other — a round-up of the most-read blog posts of the past year.

BY January 7, 2017

In the light of a New Year’s sparkler, a metaphor for the illuminating capacity we hold within, despite our fleeting existence.

BY January 6, 2017

Gordon Hempton guides us on an aural hike to One Square Inch of Silence, a sacred place void of man-made sound in Olympic National Park outside of Seattle.

BY January 6, 2017

A lesson on trusting on trusting our gut about the lives we’re called to lead, and the unexpected ways that might manifest.

BY January 5, 2017

A study of the mysterious alchemy of place — not merely somewhere to go, but something rich with the life and memory of those who know it well.

BY January 4, 2017

After an exchange with an angry man, a poem about a woodland encounter bestows unexpected guidance — about how acknowledging the spaces we share can be what closes the gaps between us.

BY December 29, 2016

Our listeners have spoken. A list of our top five shows of 2016 are sure to make your 2017 all the better.

BY December 24, 2016

Dave Chappelle as an imperfect spiritual mentor; the importance of life’s valleys alongside its peaks; reconnecting to lost family histories, and finding new ways to uplift each other through thick and thin.

BY December 23, 2016

Paul Elie navigates the winding path of Advent, and finds quiet ways to start anew in the meeting of ritual and the rhythms of everyday life.