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Writer Junot Díaz attends the Jersey Boys at The New Yorker Festival on October 10, 2014. (Photo by Andrew Toth/Getty Images for The New Yorker Festival)
BY September 12, 2017

Smart writing on big love, the end of summer, a new narrative of whiteness, and constellations of listening — all curated by our editor-in-chief.

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BY May 19, 2017

A lack of intimate friendships doesn’t just lead to loneliness; it can negatively impact your health, too. Courtney Martin on the particular importance of meaningful relationships between men — and how it can add a few years to men’s lives, to boot.

BY May 18, 2017

We often speak about how best to heal the world around us, but it’s also essential to nurture ourselves. A reflection on self-care as a crucial part of healing one another.

BY May 17, 2017

A young man becomes a listening nomad; a missing violin brings a musician closer to herself; a community of Detroiters meditates with Sylvia Boorstein; Courtney Martin mourns the freedoms of childlessness. Reflections on the unexpected places where we find deep truth in ourselves and each other.

BY May 17, 2017

Parker takes up Jane Kenyon’s gentle challenge: trust in the natural cycles of light and dark, waking and sleep, life and life’s end.

BY May 16, 2017

Literature has the unique power to make us feel less alone in the world by elevating our deepest stories and connecting us beyond the divides of time, space, and politics.

BY May 15, 2017

A balm for burnout: self-love and a guided meditation to empower us to take a stand — literally — for our own right to be happy and whole.

BY May 12, 2017

Parenting is a joy and a gift — but we should also give parents space to acknowledge the lost freedoms of youth that they miss. Courtney looks wistfully back to what life was like before her daughters, alongside the huge love and gratitude she feels for motherhood.

BY May 11, 2017

Heartened by the resilience of nature, Omid reflects on our own capacity to soften and grow, even from the hardest places.

BY May 10, 2017

Our columnists’ vision for a brave future of masculine tenderness; a green-thumb approach to business; and a traveling reading of Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself.”

BY May 10, 2017

An unlikely spring poem from Mary Oliver turns the dazzling darkness of nature into a lesson on embodying simple gratitude for the gifts we’re offered each moment.

BY May 9, 2017

A recent college graduate embarks on a 4,000-mile walking trek across the United States. His only goal is to listen. A powerful story of encounter and lending a kind and judgment-free ear, even when it frightens him.

BY May 8, 2017

The celebrated Jewish-Buddhist teacher and psychotherapist offers a metta, or lovingkindness meditation for ourselves, our loved ones and strangers far and near.

BY May 6, 2017

Witnessing the faint smile of her dying mother, the daughter of Haitian-Creole parents reflects on why she’s been writing about death and grief ever since — and the cathartic edge of the Book of Revelation and C.S. Lewis.

BY May 6, 2017

The companionship of Thomas Merton; an inspiring faith in our nation’s potential; and the spiritual work of environmental care.

BY May 5, 2017

Can we learn to be tender even if we can’t fix each other’s pain? How would our world be different if men had permission to be vulnerable in public?

BY May 4, 2017

Wounds do not heal simply with the passing of time, but time does give us the tools to endure them. On learning to live with the unimaginable.

BY May 3, 2017

Do trees photosynthesize the soul as well as sunlight? With a poem by W.S. Merwin, an appreciation for trees and the spiritual wisdom they impart.

BY May 2, 2017

In these uncertain times, a young scholar turns to the wisdom of the fathers of the humanities and the mooring of beauty and healing they provide.

BY April 28, 2017

Setting aside time to disengage; hacking the brain; getting real about connection — wisdom from Ian Caldwell, Sharon Salzberg, George Shultz, and more.

BY April 28, 2017

Inspired by the Pope’s TED Talk, Courtney issues an invitation and a challenge to slow down, notice, and make room for brave tenderness.

BY April 27, 2017

In an age of never-ending digital connectedness, we feel more lonely — and more isolated — than ever before. But what possibilities emerge when people with different identities come together face-to-face and gather around the dinner table?

Khizr Khan, father of Humayun S. M. Khan who was killed while serving in Iraq with the US Army, gestures as his wife looks on during the fourth and final day of the Democratic National Convention at the Wells Fargo Center on July 28, 2016 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. / AFP / Timothy A. CLARY (Photo credit should read TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images)
BY April 27, 2017

Those who have suffered most may also be our greatest teachers on the road to courage. Omid Safi looks to the complicated, yet abiding faith one grieving father holds for his country for moral wisdom.

BY April 25, 2017

On the heels of Earth Day, a dialogue on the necessity of both contemplation and action, detachment and radical engagement in our relationship with the environment.

BY April 22, 2017

A lesson on gilding our flaws; the fresh air of the Easter and Passover season; a visual tour of a haunting ritual; and Brené Brown’s encouragement for those who are done with fear.

BY April 21, 2017

Three wisdom keepers on the inner voice of compassion in the mystical and contemplative traditions