A Mental Map of Our Neuroses; Laura Mvula Can Sing; A Ramadan Haiku

Sunday, August 4, 2013 - 10:58 pm

A Mental Map of Our Neuroses; Laura Mvula Can Sing; A Ramadan Haiku

While searching for a lead photo for this week’s show, I chanced upon this awesome scene of the Prince of Wales Hotel, nestled in the Canadian Rockies in Waterton National Park in Alberta. A must-visit someday!

“It will be a discipline before it becomes a pleasure.”

Laura Mvula is an incredible singer who meshes hushed, contemplative lyrics with a verve and mastery of voice that doesn’t feel like artifice. Even her pop songs are clean and refreshing. She’s her own woman, her own artist, who is comfortable in her own skin. “Sing to the Moon” and “Father Father” are worth your time.
And, a Ramadan haiku from Jerry Hionis:

Dehydration here
Your head swells like rain on wood
Maghrib, where are you?

From the Twitter desk of Krista Tippett (@KristaTippett): Alain de Botton proposes the romantic gift of a frank map of your neuroses; Jenny Lee Shee rises to the occasion.

This week, we’ll be in Hot Springs North Carolina, producing some fantastic interviews at the Wild Goose Festival. Look for upcoming shows with Brian McLaren, Emily Saliers and Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls, Vincent Harding and Phyllis Tickle, and Nadia Bolz-Weber.
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