Aver, Aver: A Poem

Wednesday, January 13, 2016 - 7:27 pm

Aver, Aver: A Poem

From out of the womb come thundering babes-
     plundering offshoots, duty bound
from heaven’s gates in search of the holy land
They ride too fast   fly too hard
     and wander far
in search of this promised land
O! Jerusalem, throne of the
rising Son- made royal by His passing-
     Even you must know
His mother’s tears have made you holy
Tell all our children the truth-
Tell them whenever a mother weeps
    is where the land is holy!

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is a poet, artist, and social activist, advocating for the homeless in Santa Barbara, California. She is the co-coordinator for The Safe Parking Outreach for Women, and works with a temporary housing shelter, which provides lunches and community for isolated men and women. She belong to a Catholic Church presided over by two Catholic womenpriests, where she and her community live out inclusive social justice gospel activism.

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