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Being Blog’s Top 10 Viewed Posts of 2010

Our blog is an outlet. We tell you about things that are happening and things we find interesting. It’s a refuge that allows the fuller complexion of the program to reveal itself. It also permits us to bring new voices to you; we just get out of the way. Here are the ten most popular posts from this year.

1. Reflections on a Name Change
Yes, we changed the title of our program after seven years, and with a significant switch came an avalanche of interest, opinions, and smart responses from our audiences. Check out the comments section in reaction to Krista’s post.

2. Bell Sound Meditation
This year we began experimenting with weekend morning exercises that aren’t just pop quizzes meant to drive traffic. We wanted to share meaningful expressions that might help readers develop an interest or a practice, or understand what we do better. Shubha’s research for our interview with Arthur Zajonc led to this insightful five-minute practice that our readers really responded to.

3. One Hundred Million Seeds of Porcelain Contemplation
Ai Weiwei’s major installation at the Tate Modern this year captured my imagination after reading about this work in The Guardian. When The Atlantic’s Daily Dish picked it up, our traffic exploded. The saddest part is the art museum had to stop people from walking on it because it was creating a dust storm.
4. Rossini’s “Meow!” by “The Little Singers of Paris”
A choir of French school boys having a little fun with the great composer’s work struck a chord with our readers, and put a smile on everybody’s faces. We’re a serious outfit, but we recognize good fun when we see it!
5. “Nou Met Led Me Nou La!” (We May Be Ugly, But We Are Here!)
When the disastrous earthquake devastated Haiti and its people, we interviewed Vodou priest and professor Patrick Bellegarde-Smith to gain a better sense of what wasn’t being reported in the news. What we got was a deeper sense of history, the lasting impact of colonialism, and the resolve of a people to survive and prosper.
6. White Mountain Milky Way
Time-lapse video almost always inspires.
7. Roger Ebert’s Buddha Smile
Esquire’s profile piece on the famed film critic grabbed the attention of many of our readers. Perhaps the post-surgery photos of him were the initial draw, but his compelling story and outlook on life reminded many of us about the hopeful uncertainty of life and all its charm.
8. The Path to Happiness
Two charts that I’ve seen hanging on the doors of advertising executives.
9. Thinking of Anne Lamott As We Create a New Show
We dug deep into our archives to resurface an unheard segment from this beloved writer, and boy did our listeners respond.
10. Krista on Being
Many times it’s just as important to communicate with one’s internal partners as it is with one’s external audiences. A video in which Krista sits down with John Moe to answer questions about the name change with co-workers at Minnesota Public Radio.

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