Memories of Advent: An Invitation to Reflect and Share Your Stories

Sunday, November 29, 2015 - 8:14 am

Memories of Advent: An Invitation to Reflect and Share Your Stories

Advent is upon us. This holy season is traditionally observed by Christians through the ceremonious lighting of the five candles of the Advent wreath. The first four candles represent hope, preparation, joy, and love. The fifth and final candle marks the birth of Jesus.

Four weeks of waiting, preparation, and anticipation marked by the lighting of candles. There’s something about this time that inspires reflection: whether it’s a resonant memoir on grief or the curious paradox of “already” and “not yet,” coded in the “dark December days of longing and foreboding.”

Surprisingly, it’s not stories and memories of Christmas that people recall, it’s moments and episodes from the season of Advent that people offer up when we ask. We’d like to invite you to ruminate on this special time of the liturgical calendar. Each week we’ll feature your essays on our website and social spaces, and we’ll invite you to reflect with us on the myriad ways we gather in silence and expectation on these expectant December evenings.

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Mariah Helgeson

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