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June 14, 2021

Meet Lucero Torres

Each of the poems included in the third season of Poetry Unbound are accompanied by photographs from Seattle-based photographer, Lucero Torres. Her photography is influenced by her experience growing up between two cultures, Mexican and American. What themes or guiding ideas helped shape the work as a whole? What…


March 19, 2021

Meet Grace J. Kim

For each episode of the final season of This Movie Changed Me, Grace J. Kim created a piece of art that honored both the movie and guests. Grace is a digital illustrator whose art shows the present and the everyday through a therapeutic lens – serene and utopic.


December 10, 2020

Meet Myrna Keliher

If you have been following this season of Poetry Unbound, you may have noticed the individual prints that accompany each poem. Each one is designed from handset metal type and printed by artist Myrna Keliher. In 2012, she founded Expedition Press, a…