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The On Being Project

Image By Doug Neill
Sketchnotes on Seth Godin Interview

Sketchnotes on Seth Godin Interview

Remember taking notes while listening to teachers, speakers, professors, et al at university or for on-the-job training classes? Well, I do. At best, my notes were a punctilious outline, as stale as that extra challah sitting on the icy snow pack in my front yard waiting for birds to peck at it or, more commonly, a jumbled mess of chicken scratches and sloppy penmanship jumbled with arrows, circles, and underlines. Doug Neill, a self-professed “sketchnoter” from Portland, Oregon, showed me a new way forward for visualizing our own work at On Being.
While listening to Krista Tippett’s interview with Seth Godin, Doug did some real-time, visual note taking and created this sketchnote of the conversation. A most delightful and unexpected surprise. Would this be something you, the listener and the reader, might be interested in seeing each week?

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