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The On Being Project

The Mystery and Art of Living (Video)

On Tuesday, November 3rd, join my colleague Krista Tippett, who will be speaking about the mystery and art of living with poet Christian Wiman at Yale University’s Battell Chapel. The topic is the subject of her forthcoming book, Becoming Wise. Here’s the intriguing program description:

The art of living is another way to describe the practices of faith and its virtues: the being and doing of spiritual life that our world desperately needs. Intrigued by the unexpected themes that arise in her life of conversation, Krista Tippett addresses religious wisdom revealed in fresh and compelling language from new angles. In this virtue framework, beauty is a core value that transcends boundaries, enhances the vitality of life, and points towards God. Scientists, artists, and spiritual thinkers insist on the virtue of improvisation, which is tied to our inevitable experience of failure. Virtues — so closely bound to our flaws and failings — lie at the heart of the mystery of the human capacity to be present to the flawed and failing world.

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