Top 10 Blog Posts of 2012

Monday, December 31, 2012 - 5:45 am

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2012

What were your favorite blog posts of 2012? As we bid the year a fond farewell, a list of our readers’ favorites. Drum roll, please!
Ian Ruhter video screen grab1» What Would You Be Willing to Sacrifice?
A video that’s so heartbreakingly gorgeous and unswerving in its emotional sway, it’ll have you pondering your own station in life.

Flashmob organizado por Banco Sabadell2» Flashmob or Polished Ad on a Spanish Plaza, This Video Is a Feast
This unexpected, public performance of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony on a plaza in Spain is an absolute visual and aural feast.

The Piano Guys3» “O Come, Emmanuel”
A stirring pairing of piano and cello performing the classic hymn for this past Advent season.

Brene Brown speaks4» Brené Brown on Leaning Into Our Vulnerability
We live in a vulnerable world, says social researcher Brené Brown in this popular TED talk. And what do we do in the face of this vulnerability? We numb it.

tibetan bowl with water5» Bell Sound Meditation
One of our most popular weekend exercises. Try this 10-minute bell sound meditation and then share your experience with us.

Touch Wood Xylophone in Kyushu6» Touch Wood in a Japanese Forest with Bach
A spectacular feat of engineering and creativity that you have to see to believe. And just guess what inspired its making. Just marvelous!

620099857» One Hundred Million Seeds of Porcelain Contemplation
Ai Weiwei’s installation at Tate Modern is an incredible feat: 100 million hand-painted pieces of porcelain as sunflower seeds are sources of contemplation. Images and video with the artist too.

Me and Them8» Why I Don’t Do Christmas
Krista, a Christmas Scrooge? Our host reflects on not playing the “Christmas game” of obligatory gift-giving and our redemptive human need for one another.

Calvin and Hobbes: Math Is a Religion9» Calvin and Hobbes: Math Is a Religion
A classic comic on faith in equations. “You take two numbers and when you add them, they magically become one new number!”

Hanan Harchol on Love and Giving10» What’s Giving Got to Do With Love?
When Hanan Harchol’s character tells his parents that he’s breaking up with his girlfriend, they say that real love is not about focusing on your own needs. Do they have a point?

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