Beyond the Breaking, A New Life Awaits

Saturday, August 26, 2017 - 9:00 am

Beyond the Breaking, A New Life Awaits

Even though Krista was on sabbatical and our team took a much-needed break this summer, the furious pace of production hasn’t slowed down — we launched our new discovery engine, which calculates “distances” and “gravitational relationships” between each On Being conversation, we released the second season of the Creating Our Own Lives podcast, and we even recovered an archive of entries from Krista’s Journal! And, we’ll be adding some new faces to the team in the coming weeks too!

During this intermission, I’ll be sending slimmed-down, more-focused versions of the next few newsletters. Perhaps you’ll like the leaner edition? Just let me know your preference and drop me a line at or via Twitter at @trentgilliss.

But, I won’t leave you empty-handed, knowing that Jane Hwangbo’s lovely story is waiting for you…

(Hernan Sanchez / Unsplash / Public Domain Dedication (CC0))

Jane Hwangbo | Counterfeit Happiness and The American Consumerist Tradition
In the quest to have it all, a daughter of Asian immigrants — and now a financial expert — discovers that “the breaking itself takes time.” I love how Jane opens with a story about Ernest Hemingway and, unexpectedly, turns to the great American writer for wisdom on the liberating process of breaking open our vulnerabilities when it comes to money:

“Our parents wanted us to have everything they thought they could never have: financial stability and social acceptance. We lived like hostages to money and everything they believed it could buy.”

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I wish you a glorious end of summer.

May the wind always be at your back,

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