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Give Yourself a Chance to Sit With Your Reactions

To kick off your day, a thought from Mexican photographer Cristina Mittermeier:

“Being capable is not the same as being educated; capable is being able to survive and make the most of the place where you live.”

This was excerpted from a caption to her portrait of a young Kayapo woman who led her through a Brazilian forest. Well worth checking out her work on Instagram.

(Ayo Ogunseinde / Unsplash / Public Domain Dedication (CC0))

Courtney Martin | For Guys Reading #MeToo Testimonies
My social media feeds are awash with #metoo posts. It’s heartbreaking and uncomfortable — and paralyzing. Men are responding all types of ways, but Courtney tells us that the first step is to…

“Do nothing. Sit in silence. Don’t say anything. Don’t retweet anything. Don’t text anyone. Just sit there. Maybe even close your eyes. Feel what you feel.”

But she doesn’t stop there. Read on.

(Eunice Lituañas / Unsplash / Public Domain Dedication (CC0))

Omid Safi | The Problem with Asking “Where Are You From?”
As a man of Persian descent who was raised in Florida, our beloved columnist is often complimented on how well he speaks English. Then he’s asked where he’s from. It’s a question, Omid says, that makes him moan:

“For immigrants, for people of color, it has been a different experience. This is not about having brown skin, an Iranian accent, an Indian accent, or a Hispanic accent. It is ultimately about the American dream. Is the American dream expansive enough to include all of us — or is it ultimately a white, Anglo-Saxon dream?”

(Kit / CalderbridgeFocus / © All Rights Reserved)

Dorit Price-Levine | The Conversation About Guns We’re Not Having

Dorit’s perspective is one we don’t hear from enough when it comes to thinking through and assessing our own tendencies towards self-righteousness — especially when it comes to guns:

“I won’t be able to get anyone on board with me by shaming them for something they love, especially when I’m the first to admit I’ve never even held a gun myself. How can I, with any authority or integrity, ridicule someone for something when I hardly know the first thing about it?”

(Jez Timms / Unsplash / Public Domain Dedication (CC0))

Ali Schultz | The Space Between Us Is a Creative Possibility

“With horses, if something’s not working, forcing the matter doesn’t create a positive result. There must be opening for change to happen. That shift had to come from inside one of us. We needed to show up differently for each other. Most of the time, that started with me. Hello, radical self-inquiry. (Horses are human whisperers, after all.)

Ahhhhh… horses. They possess an exquisite ability to teach humans about openness and trust. What if we transferred those learnings to our relationships in the workplace?

May the wind always be at your back,

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