Our Ability To Love, Break Bread Together, and Experience the Sweet Darkness Within

Sunday, February 5, 2017 - 10:30 am

Our Ability To Love, Break Bread Together, and Experience the Sweet Darkness Within

Under the hood of onbeing.org is a whole new engine, which we launched this week. This was no small feat, as our development team will attest. We migrated more than 6,000 pages of content, 70,000 comments, 25,000 images, and hundreds of gigabytes of media assets. But we can’t catch everything. So, if you notice something that needs improvement (or is broken), let us know. We sure could use the help!

Parker Palmer
Being More Than Being Useful
In our busy lives, a reminder that what matters most is not our ability to produce but our ability to love, and to just be. And, Parker ends with a gorgeous poem by Lynn Ungar, including these lines:

“And you—what of your rushed / and useful life? Imagine setting it all down— / papers, plans, appointments, everything— / leaving only a note: “Gone / to the fields to be lovely. Be back / when I’m through blooming.”

Omid Safi
Faith and History Demand Better of Us
A recent executive order has Omid concerned for the well-being of refugees fleeing Muslim-majority countries. Are we, he asks, betraying the aspirational ideals of the U.S. — and shared values of compassion, hospitality, and concern for the weak and vulnerable — when such decrees are issued?

“We know that our liberty is tied to providing care for the Exiles, for refugees. When we betray the refugees, we betray our own ideals of liberty. When we turn our back on refugees, we betray America’s promise.”

The Poetry Radio Project

David Whyte
Sweet Darkness
It’s always the right time to listen to David Whyte read one of his poems, non? A benediction for your day:

When your eyes are tired / the world is tired also. / When your vision has gone / no part of the world can find you. / Time to go into the dark / where the night has eyes / to recognize its own.

From The Civil Conversations Project


“Sharing a meal has stood as one of the few things that all of us — whoever we are and wherever we come from — have in common. We’re hungrier than ever for spaces to break bread, be heard, and build bridges across lines of difference.”

#100Days100Dinners is a kindred spirit to the mission of The Civil Conversations Project. From January 20th through April 29th, this aspirational endeavor invites you to pull up a chair and either host a dinner with folks you know, with folks you don’t, or just join in and be part of the mealtime conversation.

May the wind always be at your back!

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