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The On Being Project

Three Recordings of Cloud Cult’s Live Performance at On Being Studios

During the winter months of 2016, we invited the “orchestral indie rock collective” Cloud Cult to our studios. And, on that February evening, we welcomed 120 people to attend a live performance at On Being on Loring Park in Minneapolis, where Krista Tippett spoke to their lead singer Craig Minowa for our podcast and radio show.

The band is more than a collective in a musical sense. They embody a caring generosity for each other and those around them — our technical director Chris Heagle says they were the easiest band he’s ever worked with during a soundcheck. They deeply care for one another and take time before each show to gather in a circle, hold hands, and be present to each other in that space and time. (This time in Krista’s office.)

We’ll always remember the warmth of that night: an adoring audience intimately sitting with a group of musicians singing and playing to a backdrop of twinkling lights and the whirring traffic of Hennepin Avenue going by.

The night feels like a blur now, but thankfully they allowed us to record live versions of three songs from that evening, which we now share with you:

Listen and share with your tribe. It’ll be a gift for all!

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