Twittering Krista in Miami

Monday, April 27, 2009 - 4:06 pm

Twittering Krista in Miami

Krista Speaks from the PulpitOver these past five years, I’ve been utterly charmed with the effort that’s put into producing a weekly national program. We’ve been making great commitments to reveal this part of the process through releasing Krista’s unedited interviews, videotaping editorial sessions and face-to-face interviews, and blogging about the correspondence we have among our staff and the ideas that inform our roles.
But, commitments require Krista (and sometimes staff) to speak at public and private events — ranging from speaking engagements at our funders’ board meetings to lectures at local public radio stations’ fundraising events. These forums can be quite inspirational and enlightening, revealing another aspect of Speaking of Faith’s mission to reach larger and more varied audiences.
My goal is to share more of this side of Krista and Speaking of Faith with you. One way to do this: put our managing producer’s iPhone to work. A savvy news person, to be sure, Kate’s also a poet and quite a wit — an exquisite match for Twitter (follow us @SOFtweets). She acceded to my request and so began the experimentation while Krista, at the invite of WLRN, spoke at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in downtown Miami:

I’ll be retweeting our managing producer’s Twitter fiesta from Krista’s event at Trinity in Miami tonight. Doing some catch-up now.
7:19 PM Apr 23rd from web

RT @katemoos In the Green Room eating Sun Chips. That is not a product placement.
7:20 PM Apr 23rd from web
RT @katemoos Miamians v. friendly plus equip seems to work. Winning combination! Plus warm here.
7:20 PM Apr 23rd from web
RT @katemoos Am told Miami audinces come late. Don’t fret. I’ll manage my little punctual problem. Cuticles. Joke.
7:20 PM Apr 23rd from web
RT @katemoos Krista and Mabel. Mabel makes everything work.
7:21 PM Apr 23rd from web
RT our senior producer @mitchhanley @katemoos Glad to hear the equipment is working. How’s the turnout?
7:22 PM Apr 23rd from web
RT @katemoos @mitchhanley Little hard to say but 400?
7:22 PM Apr 23rd from web
RT @katemoos Krista sites Parker Palmer. To let the soul speak one must create quiet, trustworthy spaces.
7:23 PM Apr 23rd from web
RT @katemoos @mitchhanley Sorry that was a typo. 300?
7:23 PM Apr 23rd from web
RT @katemoos I am a drop in the ocean. But I am also the ocean. Larry Ward
7:24 PM Apr 23rd from web
@katemoos is on a roll. She was hesitant to commit to too much for Krista’s event tonight. Parker Palmer, Larry Ward, and Sun Chips Kate? 🙂
7:26 PM Apr 23rd from web
RT-1 @katemoos questioner here asks Krista to account for that Scottish singer.
7:28 PM Apr 23rd from web
RT-2 @katemoos KT’s theory on that is short. But she applauds intimacy of radio. Sound.
7:28 PM Apr 23rd from web
RT @katemoos Iphone battery death! GBye dear Tweets! From Miami, Katy Lou signing off.
7:31 PM Apr 23rd from web
Oh no! @katemoos is down. Any stealth twitter junkies in the Cathedral?!
7:32 PM Apr 23rd from web
@lance_agena Oh, back-ups, back-ups, back-ups. We always prepare for Krista but how about behind the curtains. I will or I’ll retweet if so.
7:38 PM Apr 23rd from web in reply to lance_agena
One final RT from our dear @katemoos: BTW anyone calls me KatyLou and I will find you and make you pay. Finito!
7:39 PM Apr 23rd from web
Well, we’ll be doing more of our regular twitter conversation. Next week Krista speaks in Cleveland, using her new format.
7:42 PM Apr 23rd from web
We’ll be sure to have @katemoos working the scene and we’ll give you a heads-up.
7:53 PM Apr 23rd from web
And, if you haven’t heard, Krista has a live public event on May 20th with Obama’s head of faith-based initiatives, Joshua DuBois!
7:56 PM Apr 23rd from web

Kate will be tweeting from Cleveland this Thursday and we’ll be doing more of these in the coming weeks — including Krista’s live conversation with Joshua DuBois, Obama’s head of faith-based initiatives — so please give us your feedback. We’re still finding our voice(s) and style for this format.

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