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Image By Trent Gilliss
Twitterscript of Physicist Brian Greene

Twitterscript of Physicist Brian Greene

This week we’ll be releasing a new podcast with physicist Brian Greene titled “Reimagining the Cosmos.” At the invitation of Columbia University’s Center for the Study of Science and Religion, Krista interviewed Dr. Greene at a live, public event in New York City. The room was packed with a mix of young scientists, theologians, and academics. Dr. Greene, who is best known for his hosting of two specials for the PBS series Nova, both based on his best-selling books for general readers: The Elegant Universe and The Fabric of the Cosmos.

Associate producer Mariah Helgeson did a little something I like to call “time-shift tweeting,” which distills some of our favorite ideas and quotations from Dr. Greene. We’ve compiled them for your pleasure. As you can see, he brings an infectious excitement to the conversation about the frontiers of modern physics and how vital science is to understanding the nature of life and reality.

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