On Being Project Funding

The On Being Project is a 501(c)3 nonprofit based in the U.S. state of Minnesota. Our work is currently supported by donations from individuals, philanthropic grants from foundations and institutions, underwriting in the On Being podcast, and membership to the On Being Wisdom app. As a growing enterprise, we strive to fulfill our mission through increasingly diversified revenue that will sustain our organization for long term impact.

As a media and public life enterprise, we have an overarching commitment to social healing — to the human transformation that makes generative social transformation possible. We have expanded, deepened, and evolved our organization and our offerings in recent years to be responsive to the challenges and crises of our world — and to the way people who cross every difference and every chasm of division have turned to our work.

Our network of philanthropic funding must be correspondingly difference- and chasm-crossing. All of our funding partners respect an editorial firewall with the journalistic aspects of our enterprise. At the same time, in grappling with public life and meeting the world’s pain and crisis, we benefit from open, honest exchange and mutual learning. Our partners support our work, and we accompany their discernment and efforts towards renewed common life.

Each of our philanthropic grant relationships centers specific areas of shared interest within the pressing issues of our time. These currently include: innovating and modeling a generative media presence; projects to build new conversation and relationship across divides; exploring themes at the intersection of theology and public life, and of spirituality, culture and ecology; digital innovation, to include tools for the art of living; resourcing and convening the emergent ecosystem of social healing, to include courageous collaborations; accompanying and equipping religious leaders in an age of fracture; and invigorating moral imagination in public life.

If you have questions about our funding relationships and financials, or would like to be in conversation with our funding partners about their work, we invite you to contact us [email protected].

Our 501(c)(3)

The On Being Project is a charitable organization exempt from taxation under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Below are our recent IRS Form 990s.