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“Poetry,” says David Whyte, “is language against which you have no defenses.” Poetry can also help us find our center after a chaotic moment — like recess. That’s the kind of space poetry provided for fourth- and fifth-grade students at The Juniper School in Durango, Colorado, last month. Every day,…
Editor’s note: On the news of Jean Vanier’s death this week, we are republishing this excerpt from Krista Tippett’s 2016 book, Becoming Wise. It has been updated for online publication. When I left Berlin those years ago, I was questioning the lives of power, and the definition of…


April 5, 2019

Of the Training of Black Men

At the beginning of the 20th century, W.E.B. Du Bois asks, "what training for the profitable living together of black men and white?"
What is it that we are to do with grief? We can turn it inward, making prisoners of our own bodies. We can turn it against others. I want to believe that we can also be transformed by loss.
What does it mean to remain faithful to our shyness? When feeling at home in ourselves is different from feeling at home in the world.