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October 26, 2017

The fruit of working for racial justice lies in the discomfort and the mess — but only if we acknowledge the lessons those tensions have to teach us. On negotiating the tricky path of making change with authenticity and constant self-reflection.

Writer Junot Díaz attends the Jersey Boys at The New Yorker Festival on October 10, 2014. (Photo by Andrew Toth/Getty Images for The New Yorker Festival)
September 9, 2017

Smart writing on big love, the end of summer, a new narrative of whiteness, and constellations of listening — all curated by our editor-in-chief.

Demonstrators participate in a march and rally against white supremacy August 16, 2017 in downtown Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
September 7, 2017

White supremacy is newly palpable in unsettling, violent ways. But what if our public conversation about race can encourage a new, redeemable, and joyful whiteness to come to the fore?

July 6, 2017

Shame and defensiveness about racism are not the path to change. Our columnist extends a challenge to white progressives, and to herself: to face the reality of deeply embedded racism directly, and to resolve to change the prejudices that remain.

A group of white nationalists marches in Charlottesville, VA as part of the "Unite the Right" rally on August 11, 2017.
July 21, 2016

Drawing on the walking undead from “Game of Thrones,” Omid Safi comments on the stubborn disease of white supremacy, and on resisting its spread with the resilience of kinship and kindness.

July 16, 2015

The recent success of Serena Williams and the U.S. women’s soccer team in the World Cup is a beacon of light. It’s also a reminder that we have a long way to go in recognizing the roles of half our population in sport and religion.

June 26, 2015

A passionate, grounded plea to recognize white privilege and the gut level pushback — the “white fragility” — that happens when talking about race.