The Wisdom App

Become more fluent in your own humanity, from the inside out and back again.

The Wisdom app is available for iPhone or Android mobile phones. Search “On Being Wisdom” in the Apple or Google Play stores. Download the app to sample three sessions of our first course and listen to the On Being podcast for free. Become a paying member here for immediate access to the full course content.

Experience a dedicated On Being home, and community of accompaniment — including:

  • Courses that turn listening into community and the teachings that our marvelous guests present into accessible learning and practice.
  • Contemplation that can be folded into existing rituals – or help create a new rhythm of practice.
  • Opportunities to gather online with others, ask questions, and share your thoughts on future offerings.
  • Another dedicated place to listen to each week’s On Being episode free from distraction.

Learn About Our Fair Pricing

Each $99 membership supports the excellence of the Wisdom app experience and the work of The On Being Project. And we are committed to making this wisdom available to all. 

In the spirit of hospitality:

  • If price is truly an obstacle for you, On Being offers a pay-what-you-can membership option. Email, to learn more. 
  • If ever you are unsatisfied with your experience, we will offer a full refund. 
  • If you would like to purchase memberships for your group or organization, you might qualify to do so at a discounted rate. Please contact to learn more.
  • If you are able, you can help us sustain the app through a financial contribution or by gifting a membership to someone you know.

A note from Krista:


We’ve been pondering how to meet the request that has long come to us for other ways to experience our content, integrate it more deeply into life, and feel more closely accompanied by us at On Being and by the guests on our show who feel like mentors and family. The new Wisdom app is an offering to meet this request — at a moment of greater urgency and a world to remake.

The app is an interactive On Being home to carry around in your pocket. It turns listening into community and the teachings that our marvelous guests present into accessible learning and practice. Starting with a 20-session course, Hope Is a Muscle, this is a home and community of accompaniment for becoming more fluent in our humanity — a place to progressively deepen our presence to ourselves and each other and the world, from the inside out and back again. We draw on the heart of conversations I’ve had with “live human signposts” of hope — to invoke a phrase of Vincent Harding — including Vincent himself, as well as Bryan Stevenson, Ai-jen Poo, Ross Gay, Maria Popova, Ocean Vuong, Jane Goodall, and wonderful others. The shorter-form course sessions (10-15 minute Wisdom Practices) join teachings with practical and contemplative exercises that can be folded into your own daily rituals of meditation, prayer, walking, journaling, or silence, or used to create a new rhythm of practice. Think of it as spiritual and moral calisthenics, with a discipline of delight and elegance. As a bonus, the Wisdom app is also another place to listen to each week’s On Being episode free from distraction, and makes it easy to save and share favorites in both the episodes and the courses.

Most important of all, perhaps: we are building a community of accompaniment around this. Our social healing team has been expanding and gestating across the last tumultuous year and is ready to make this real. We will offer online gatherings to ask questions, to meet others, and to hear your thoughts on future offerings. We are endlessly excited about the courses we can create moving forward, and other innovations that might unfold.

The Wisdom app is an experiment. But I hold the highest, most muscular of hopes for it. It is a promising new tool for some of the audacious aspirations we’ve always held around here — for nurturing, emboldening, and accompanying the generative story of our time. For being faithful, as we walk out of the catharsis of the past year, to the learnings and challenges it has laid down. We have a world to remake. We are called to this, each with the particular circumstances and gifts and location of our very own lives. We are up to this, together.

With Love,