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Image By Stephanie Keith
“Somewhere Between Male and Female”

“Somewhere Between Male and Female”

Somewhere between male and female
The soul gets lost
Where are you calls the mother of the soul
But the soul never had a mother

Get back here this instant the father demands
But somewhere between male and female
The soul failed to be fathered

Male and female
Split at the seams
Leaving the soul naked

Criss-crossed with scars
Male scars and female scars
Breast scars and testicle scars

Scars like doors
And scars like fingers
Fingers point at the naked soul

Doors slam in its face
The soul is still alone

It is is only dreaming
It’s been discovered
In the space between male and female

Where no one will ever find it


For those who prefer the silence of one voice, here is a version without music.

Reprinted from “Transmigration” by Joy Ladin. Copyright © 2009 by Joy Ladin. Used with the permission of the publisher, The Sheep Meadow Press.

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