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The On Being Project

Richard Mouw, Barry Cytron, Patricia Hampl, et al.

Where Was God?

Great religious minds reflect on tragedies surrounding September 11, 2001. As America moves beyond raw emotion and religious sentiment, this program explores theological and spiritual reflection for the long haul. A gathering of provocative reflections across a broad spectrum of faith, woven together with evocative sound and music.

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  • Richard Mouw

    Richard Mouw

    is president of Fuller Theological Seminary and a professor of Christian Philosophy and Ethics. He is the author of Uncommon Decency.

  • Barry Cytron

    Barry Cytron

    is director of the Jay Phillips Center for Jewish-Christian Learning

  • Patricia Hampl

    Patricia Hampl

    Poet and author of A Romantic Education and Virgin Time

  • Linda Loving

    Linda Loving

    Pastor at the House of Hope Presbyterian Church, St. Paul, Minnesota

  • Dan Grigassy

    Dan Grigassy

    is a Franciscan friar and professor of liturgy, Washington Theological Union

  • Cynthia Eriksson

    Cynthia Eriksson

    is a clinical psychologist at the Headington Program in International Trauma

  • Anthony Ugolnik

    Anthony Ugolnik

    Ukrainian Orthodox priest and professor of English literature at Franklin and Marshall College

  • Joan Dehzad

    Joan Dehzad

    is an Episcopal deacon and executive director of the Institute of New Americans

About the Image

Image By Stan Honda/Getty ImagesFather Christopher Keenan (center) participates in the funeral for New York Fire Department chaplain Rev. Mychal Judge outside St. Francis of Assisi Church on September 15, 2001. Judge was killed while giving last rites at the scene of the World Trade Center attacks in New York.

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