Frail Bodies Are a Witness to Resilience and Resurrection

Broderick Greer

is Curate at Grace-St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Memphis, Tennessee where he coordinates ministry to people in their 20s and 30s, preaches and leads worship, oversees the parochial school chapel, and directs City of Soul, a new Episcopal Service Corps (young adult service year) program. He offers lectures and facilitates conversations at the intersection of social media, American history, queer theory, black theology, human rights, and racial justice. His work has appeared in The Guardian, Religion News Service, and The Huffington Post.

June 2nd, 2017

The moral authority of frail bodies. Vulnerability as strength. How solidarity can lead to resurrection.

January 30th, 2017

The biblical song of an exiled mother carries a daring “punk-rock” message of resistance.

November 21st, 2016

A Thanksgiving reflection on scarcity and abundance, and the sacred work of inviting our neighbors and strangers alike to the table.

April 2nd, 2016

Our Public Theology Reimagined columnist calls on people of faith and conscience to come into proximity with execution sites like Ell Persons. When we experience these liminal spaces, we are reminded of our capacity to become preoccupied with domination and overlook the lives of the powerless and the message of Jesus’ crucifixion.

February 10th, 2016

Ash Wednesday is often understood as an opportunity to engage in the practice of personal improvement. But, what if it were used to look outward and create a more just, merciful society rather than ending with our hearts?