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Carolyn Friedhoff

Carolyn Friedhoff was born and raised in Miami, Florida. Upon realizing that she didn’t really getsports, Carolyn discovered classical ballet. She loved the discipline and independent flow that guided ballet technique — as a baby, some of her first words were “Me sola,” Spanglish for “Me, all by myself.”

Carolyn chose to attend Carleton College, as invested in academics as she was in dance. All the way up in Minnesota, she found true friendship in wonderfully nerdy people. Carolyn majored in philosophy and cognitive science. While she cultivated her love for sitting and thinking about thinking (about thinking…), her desire to dance persisted. In attempts to study both of her interests at once, she stumbled into the field of Embodied Cognitive Science (even Carolyn is still a bit confused about what it is), and hasn’t looked back.

Today, she enjoys being a college graduate, goat videos, dancing and reading, and walking through forests.


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