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Pam Costain

Pam Costain style="font-weight: 400">is a community organizer and social justice activist who has worked her entire life at the intersection of global and local issues. For the past 12 years she has been dedicated to strengthening public education, first as an elected member of the Minneapolis School Board, then as CEO of AchieveMpls, and currently as a leader with a project launching May 15 called “Unbound: A New Conversation about Public Education in Minneapolis.”

Pam grew up in North Dakota and was honored to work with Nonviolent Peaceforce last year during the struggle against the Dakota Access Pipeline. She helped to found Wellstone Action in 2003 and was their director of education and training. Prior to that she led the Resource Center of the Americas, an organization that focused on human rights, globalization, immigration, and fair trade.

Pam has been practicing Buddhism and meditation for more than a decade with Blooming Heart Sangha, a sangha in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh. She is grateful for the teachings and the practice.


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My mother was Moxie for only a decade, but I wish I had known her then. Her happiness and sense of possibility must have been magnetic. Despite the war and all the absences and hardships she endured, those were her golden years.