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David Ramirez with a Musical Benediction on Finding the Light

As we head into autumn, the days are getting shorter, the sun sinking lower in the sky. For many, it can be difficult not to internalize the resulting physical darkness.

Katherine Hauswirth recently shared a stunning account of her brother’s love for light and life, as well as his long stretches in the shadows. Her openness about the ramifications of inner darkness resonated with many. But she also gently reminds us that there is an “ever-accessible, unfaltering light” to illuminate the path — and when it comes to those whose flames are dimming, “maybe we are here to help recover lost light.”

On his 2012 album Apologies, Austin-based singer-songwriter David Ramirez sings this same blessing, a benediction of sorts. May it spur us all on to find the light.

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