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BY November 17, 2017

Sharon Salzberg’s advice for difficult conversations with family at Thanksgiving? Practice listening from a place of generosity and love — whether you agree or not.

On the Blog

BY January 19, 2018

The hard work of hope involves the discipline to embrace the unknown and the uncontrollable — one day at a time.

BY January 18, 2018

An opportunity to embrace not just life as it is, but also life as it could be — if not in this life, then in the next.

BY January 17, 2018

What is lost when we no longer look to those who’ve gone before us for guidance? Omid Safi asks us to look beyond self-help towards the lost art of apprenticeship.

BY January 16, 2018

Parker Palmer asks us to consider: Are we using whatever power we have in the service of love? In remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s life and legacy.

BY January 15, 2018

Heroes aren’t made by the uniforms they wear — they’re distinguished by moral acts that defy convention.

BY January 12, 2018

We’ve built boundaries between what we consider the cultural, human realm and the world of nature. But there are ever-widening cracks in that wall — and something to be learned about the question of belonging.

BY January 11, 2018

It is not enough to view social injustice as simply a problem to be solved, or a series of data points to be analyzed and understood. Allyship and activism require a deeper compassion, one that creates space for us to sit with each other’s pain.

BY January 10, 2018

Winter’s coldness has Omid Safi searching for warmth in his mother’s lentil soup — and asking what it means to find comfort and nourishment in each other. He shares the recipe and some food for thought.

BY January 9, 2018

A poem from Mary Oliver transforms the depths of winter into wonder at its otherworldly beauty.

BY January 8, 2018

We think of it as a spiritual practice, but in truth, mindfulness meditation is an exercise in cognitive self-examination. On the Buddhist practice as a powerful tool for all — for understanding ourselves and our enemies with more depth and compassion.

BY January 5, 2018

Your 40s can be messy and spiritually challenging. But with medieval mystics Hildegard of Bingen and Julian of Norwich as her guides, Kaya Oakes uncovers a new truth: middle age is the singular time for creative rebellion.

BY December 22, 2017

New Poet Laureate Tracy K. Chapman mingles the banality of cramped living with questions of the cosmic divine.

BY December 22, 2017

Our world is filled with the sounds of human progress. 2017 Poet Laureate Tracy K. Chapman’s poem invites us to awaken to the silence around us.

BY December 22, 2017

John O’Donohue with a gift for the tired soul. A poem on slowing down until our strength to move forward returns to us.

BY December 21, 2017

Courtney offers seven searching questions to help you enter the coming year primed for growth.

BY December 20, 2017

The greatest love is not extravagant or glamorous, but like good leather or a favorite pair of jeans, wears in and softens with us through the years.

BY December 19, 2017

A blessing and a challenge for the holidays: to keep a spirit of gratitude and giving no matter the season.

BY December 18, 2017

Sharon Salzberg on how to relate to the people whose views we find repugnant and frightening and with whom we can’t imagine standing on common ground.

BY December 15, 2017

Eugene Peterson reflects on the spiritual concept of “congruence” and the life-long endeavor of matching inner life to outer behavior.

BY December 14, 2017

The pain and gift of the end of life, and the truths that dying reveals at the heart of being human.

BY December 13, 2017

Following the president’s decision to move the capital of Israel to Jerusalem, our columnist reminds us that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not a simple question of theology. It is wrapped up in political, historical, and colonialist motivations that prevent the Jewish, Muslim, and Christian communities from reaching a peace in the holy city that all can share.

BY December 12, 2017

From the solitude of nature, a poem on reclaiming a sense of welcome in our own lives.

BY December 11, 2017

We’re told what success and fulfillment look like at every stage of life. But do external standards set us up for a feeling of failure? On the transformation of turning 40 — and middle age as a singular threshold of becoming.

BY December 8, 2017

If you want to lead others, learn to be alone with your thoughts. A penetrating contemplation of what great leadership requires: a steady independence of mind that only comes with solitude.

BY December 7, 2017

Courtney Martin delves into America’s dysfunctional relationship with sex, money, and power — and calls for a rethinking of sex education, to reflect the actual complexity and broad range of how human sexuality gets expressed and must be honored.