A Home Is People

Wednesday, October 4, 2017 - 2:31 pm
Synagogue of Cochin, Kerala, India

A Home Is People

I don’t even have words for how crazy and difficult these days are. Guns and floods and death, and then life.

Tonight begins the holiday of Sukkoth. It lasts for seven days. We build a home outside our home, to celebrate shelter while we wander, and harvest, and we eat our meals together. We continue to celebrate that there is harvest, and that we each do what we can to make a home.

A home is people, people we love. One of the people I love the most is a neighbor named Delores.  I have written many poems for Delores.

Delores one

of my favorite people ever

she owned

a bar in Harlem cleaned houses

raised children many friends lives

a life wherever she is lives

a mobile home in upstate New York

invites us all in Delores

doesn’t mind her missing body parts

ok about  aging and various diseases she

enjoys  her doctors some good looking

Delores looked beautiful at dinner

new silver shoes she said sometimes

I don’t feel all that good

but then

I wake up to birds

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