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Monday Evening Melody: Emily Kate Boyd, “O Sweet River”

Welcome to Monday Evening Melodies, a new series close to my heart, being a music lover and sometimes-songwriter myself. Each Monday night, we’ll bring you a different song that ties in with something we’ve been thinking about here at On Being. Music can convey truth and beauty in a unique way, and we hope that these songs are experienced as a rest, a deep breath, and a moment of grace to cut through the muck of everyday life.

It’s always a treat to hear from our listeners about their creative endeavors. It’s especially fun when they give us a window into the ways our work has influenced their own. Emily Kate Boyd is one such person.

Inspired by the conversation between Krista and John O’Donohue, this Chattanooga artist penned a gorgeous song. It seems that beauty begets beauty.


As we get this series off the ground, we welcome your submissions! If you are a songwriter inspired by something you hear on our show or read on our online channels, or if you're a fan of a song that would be a great fit, just fill out our online form, telling us a little bit about the song and linking to the audio. Be sure to write "Monday Evening Melody" in the title field. We look forward to listening.

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