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Rivers Are An Invitation

Maybe it’s the sound, a steady flow over stony banks. Maybe it’s the connection, one tributary to the next, joining otherwise separate streams into a larger force. Or perhaps it’s the fact that they just keep moving forward. Whatever the reason, rivers are comforting.

A river reaches for the sea. It might meander, but it always winds up where it’s meant to go. In a society that grasps for control, rivers are an invitation to go with the flow.

In “The River Song,” Kristen Graves‘ voice glides and swirls like the patterns of a current, masterfully naming the solace a river brings: beauty as a balm, and love as a light load.

Down to the river is where I can find
Peace and comfort, and hope can shine
Down to the river is where I can go
The rushing water soothes my soul

When the day is too long
Beauty pushes me on
Glide down the stony bank
No more worries today

Down to the river to tell me what I know
No more sorrow, to joy I will hold
Down to the river, down to the sea
Got my sisters and brothers singing sweet harmony

When my strength is gone
Love moves me along
I float above the rocks and waves
Troubles drift away
When the darkness comes
I know it won’t be long
Lay down my heavy load
Leave my burden, and let go

Down to the river is where I can see
The grace in struggle, and then let it be

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