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Swinging at My Shadows

“The sound of that sacred music, often melancholic, informs the pop music that I make and perform now. I’m particularly fond of voices moving in dynamic harmony, and to achieve that sound on my solo records, I layer my own voice a dozen times.” –Dessa

Well, the poet and hip-hop artist stripped away those digital layers for a brilliantly inspired choral performance with VocalEssence. As the morning light has yet to appear here in Minneapolis, I listen in darkness and quiet to “The Good Fight.” Dessa’s vocals backed by the ethereal singing of the internationally renowned ensemble does just service to the sacred music of her childhood. With her, you’ll be swinging on your shadows too:

I don’t let go, I don’t give in
I don’t bow, I don’t bend
I won’t say no, I won’t say when
I fold for no one
And I, I always win

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