For Uncertain Times

Peacebuilder John Paul Lederach shared a few weeks with us chronicling this moment in haiku.

“Haiku are nature bound, yet the 5-7-5 [syllable structure] always weaves a delicate human filament,” he writes.

Poetry is more of a lifeline than ever in this moment. On Instagram, we hosted Poetry Unbound & Friends — a video poetry series with poets, former On Being guests, and friends of the show, all reading and reflecting on poems that are resonating with them now.

VIDEO: Meeting Grief and Sorrow: A 10-Minute Meditation with Roshi Joan Halifax

Finding the inner resources to carry your own grief and sadness and that of others.

LISTEN: Poetry Unbound: In Gratitude

In this Poetry Unbound episode, host Pádraig Ó Tuama reads Leanne O’Sullivan’s poem, “Leaving Early,” and reflects on the various shapes of presence and love manifest by those caring for bodies and spirits in hospitals and clinics and ambulances. “Their life and their story is being wrapped into a story of care and they, too, deserve the same care that they’re giving.