The Dew and the Bird

There is more glory in a drop of dew,
 That shineth only for an hour,
Than there is in the pomp of earth’s great Kings
 Within the noonday of their power.

There is more sweetness in a single strain
 That falleth from a wild bird’s throat,
At random in the lonely forest’s depths,
 Than there’s in all the songs that bards e’er wrote.

Yet men, for aye, rememb’ring Caesar’s name,
 Forget the glory in the dew,
And, praising Homer’s epic, let the lark’s
 Song fall unheeded from the blue.

“The Dew and the Bird” from The Poems of Alexander Lawrence Posey by Alexander Posey, collected and arranged by Mrs. Minnie H. Posey. Published by Crane Printers. This poem is in the public domain.