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Carlo Rovelli

All Reality Is Interaction

“We don't understand the world as made by stones — by things. We understand the world made by kisses, or things like kisses: happenings.” Carlo Rovelli offers vast, complex ideas beyond most of our imagining — "quanta," "grains of space," "time and the heat of black holes" — and condenses them into spare, beautiful words that render them newly explicable and moving. He is the scientist behind the global bestseller Seven Brief Lessons on Physics, and for him, all of reality is interaction — an everyday truth as scientific as it is philosophical and political. His physicist’s way of seeing the world helps make sense of what he calls “the huge wave of happenings” that is the human self.

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  • Carlo Rovelli

    Carlo Rovelli

    is professor of physics at Aix-Marseille University, where he is director of the quantum gravity group in the Center for Theoretical Physics, and an honorary professor at the Normal University of Beijing. He is also director of the Samy Maroun Research Center for Time, Space and the Quantum. He’s the author of the global bestseller Seven Brief Lessons on Physics. His new book is The Order of Time.