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A man sits in contemplation.
BY March 1, 2017

What might we make space for if we gave up our indignation, even if just for a moment? A historical and philosophical inquiry into the roots of this social moment.

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Sepia silhouette portrait of a man
BY March 28, 2017

Through the biblical story of a son’s sacrifice, Michael Eric Dyson says there’s a powerful lesson about our own tests and how we abuse them. An exploration of corporal punishment of children, a broader view of truth, and the perils of biblical literalism.

BY March 25, 2017

From the wrestling mat to challenging conversations in our own living rooms — the virtue of facing our deepest discomforts head-on.

BY March 24, 2017

The elemental closeness of a mother to her children, and to her own body.

BY March 23, 2017

When turbulence strikes, we must rise above to find a place of calm.

BY March 22, 2017

A poem from Maya Spector is an encouragement to push open the doors that hold us in when the light of spring breaks.

BY March 21, 2017

A sense of mindfulness can help us recalibrate our reactions to those we judge as different or dangerous.

A child watches a drop of water.
BY March 19, 2017

Rather than slipping into warring modes, a master list of ways to enter into conversations with more openness and hospitality.

BY March 18, 2017

Courtney Seiberling on rediscovering the magic of things, even after deep loss seems to drain our world of wonder.

BY March 17, 2017

Passing the baton. Gathering with others. Taking the long view. Lessons on persisting and persevering, even when we feel exhausted by it all.

BY March 16, 2017

In the resonant voice of Valarie Kaur, Omid Safi finds hope for the painful but fruitful path that we must take forward as a nation.

BY March 15, 2017

Parker stands in awe at the extraordinary patience of nature. What if we centered as much care and attention on its grandeur as we do on our own selves?

BY March 14, 2017

There’s a profound solitude in asking the challenging, radical question. A Muslim reformer finds a deep and consoling truth in the face of this reality in the voice of a poet.

BY March 11, 2017

Interrogating our anger, honoring our elders, facing the truth of life’s fragility, and helpful new discussion guides for Becoming Wise — the best of what’s engaging our minds and spirits these days.

BY March 10, 2017

Courtney Martin on the questions we learned to be afraid to ask, and how our quest for the answers shapes our lives moving forward.

BY March 9, 2017

Solidarity on social media can be a source of hope, but there’s more required of us to affect meaningful change.

BY March 8, 2017

A simple invocation amid the world’s frenzy: that we maintain the quiet discipline of seeking delight hiding in plain sight.

BY March 7, 2017

Beyonce and Chance the Rapper embody the deep, enduring presence of black faith in the world, both in its powerful solemnity and in its joyful boisterousness.

BY March 4, 2017

Monotasking as a social skill? Discovering new truths in our winter years? Essential readings on new approaches to life with each other, and with our ever-evolving selves.

A child with microcephaly receives aquatic physiotherapy treatment with a doctor in Recife, Brazil.
BY March 3, 2017

It can feel painful to reflect on our mortality — especially the mortality of our loved ones. But maybe embracing the reality of death can help us to fear it less, and appreciate the wonder of life all the more.

BY March 2, 2017

To elevate the spirit, we must nurture the soul and the rational mind, alike.

BY February 28, 2017

Parker looks fondly on the moments he spent as a child with his grandfather — whose life-giving hands brought forth craft and nurtured a little boy into the world with a fierce and stoic tenderness.

BY February 27, 2017

What if we thought of hip-hop lyrics as sacred texts? Toki Wright speaks about the power of language and the spiritual responsibility of hip-hop for young people.

BY February 25, 2017

A tribute to a beloved singer’s challenging life; escaping the rage cycle in this global moment; and our columnists on uprooting our assumptions about life’s most essential questions, from parenting to the nature of our relationships.

BY February 24, 2017

Courtney offers up a fear- and judgment-free space, and draws forth the perspectives of women who don’t have kids, by choice or otherwise.

BY February 23, 2017

What if our relationship with God were more long, tender, even humorous?