Inheriting the Kingdom of Motherhood and Homemaking

Mihee Kim-Kort

is a Presbyterian minister and spouse to another Presbyterian minister. She is a mother to three, and in her spare time reads, writes books, blogs and freelances for various publications. She is passionate about the intersections between parenting, justice, and spirituality.

December 22nd, 2015

A young mother of twins returns to the comfort of the kitchen and cooking rice as she remembers learning from her own mother as a child, and revels in the unique tension between her desire for order and the joyful chaos that her children bring.

September 6th, 2015

Fitness events and organizations are popping up and deepening community in powerful and unexpected ways, which many consider spiritual. A mother and Presbyterian minister tells the story of entering one of those muddy races and finding camaraderie in a manner she longs to experience in her own church.