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An Antidote for Longing

I’m a wee bit of a wanderer. Mostly, I’m beyond grateful for my wandering habit, as it has taken me to new countries and introduced me to new people and ideas. More recently, my wanderlust has moved me half way across the world — from Melbourne, Australia to the leafy streets of Minneapolis, Minnesota. But sometimes I need comfort for those bouts of “farsickness” (not homesickness) — the kind of longing I get for the beloved people, places, and memories that my wandering has left scattered around the globe.

The music of Geoffrey “Gurrumul” Yunupingu has become one of my antidotes for this elusive feeling. An Indigenous Australian of the Yolngu people from northeast Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory of Australia, he sings stories about identity, ancestors, and his connection to the land. Even without translation from his native Yolngu dialects (translations online are hard to verify), listening to his music is like reconnecting with something you didn’t know you were missing.

I have since learned that “Wukun” is a song about storm clouds, but it feels so reminiscent of that longing feeling — a deep sense of connection and disconnection all at once — and has become one of my favorites. May this song bring you something for whatever you are longing for, too.

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