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April 11, 2017

The Devils of Luzón

A visual tour of a whimsical and unsettling carnival of masked figures and horned demons — a survivor of northern Spain's Celtic roots.
In his essay, Le Pichon explores some of the observations he's made in anthropological and historical perspective, and reflects on the radical advance in human self-understanding in what we call the Axial Age. Read the text or download a PDF!
Ingrid Mattson spent a lot of time looking at art the year before she became a Muslim. Completing a degree in Philosophy and Fine Arts, she sat for hours in darkened classrooms where my professors projected pictures of great works of Western art on the wall.
What is faith? What is religion? What is spirituality? Each of these words is difficult for some of us and richly meaningful for others. Together they describe an aspect of human experience that has taken our age by surprise. I want to explore this surprise in all its complexity and variety, and to set our common encounter with it on a new footing. An excerpt from the first chapter of Speaking of Faith.