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Krista Tippett looks back on her conversation with the renowned religious scholar Martin Marty, whose research focused on religious fundamentalism as a modern phenomenon. Though the conversation was over 10 years ago, many of Marty’s thoughts on religion and life — informed by his “glacial” sense of time — still resonate today.
Those who have suffered most may also be our greatest teachers on the road to courage. Omid Safi looks to the complicated, yet abiding faith one grieving father holds for his country for moral wisdom.
It's easy to blame Donald Trump for the fear and anger in this election cycle; it's much harder to see the deep roots of prejudice in ourselves and in our culture. Parker Palmer seeks a political reckoning beyond the language "us" and "them," toward a language of shared responsibility.
Challenged by Donald Trump's recent fear-mongering, Omid Safi asks us to look deeply into our history and ourselves and find the courage to save our democratic experiment.
At a nondescript ranch house in upstate New York, devotees gather for a practice both incalculably ancient and radically fresh — and in the process, connect with a larger story of the way things have always been: needs and hopes, dangers and joys, smoke and fire. A vivid, rich portrait of Hindu ritual in modern times.