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Alice Parker

Singing Is the Most Companionable of Arts

Singing is able to touch and join human beings in ways few other arts can. Alice Parker is a wise and joyful thinker and writer on this truth, and has been a hero in the universe of choral music as a composer, conductor, and teacher for most of her 90 years. She began as a young woman, studying conducting with Robert Shaw at Juilliard, and collaborated with him on arrangements of folk songs, spirituals, and hymns that are still performed around the world today.

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  • Alice Parker

    Alice Parker

    Alice Parker is Artistic Director of the non-profit Melodious Accord and is the author of Melodious Accord: Good Singing in Church. She collaborated with the Robert Shaw Chorale for 20 years and has composed operas, cantatas, and suites for chamber ensembles, as well as hundreds of anthems and songs. CDs of her compositions and arrangements include My Love and I and Take Me to the Water.