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The On Being Project

Rebecca Chopp, Kecia Ali, and Mary Stewart Van Leeuwen

Women, Marriage, and Religion

Over the last four decades, women's roles have changed dramatically — at home, in the work force and in religious institutions as well. In America, resistance to this is often couched in religious terms. Where there is a backlash against feminism and its repercussions, it is often embodied in religious practice. Host Krista Tippett speaks with three devoutly religious women who also call themselves feminist.
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  • Rebecca Chopp

    Rebecca Chopp

    feminist theologian; president of Colgate University in Hamilton, Ny.

  • Kecia Ali

    Kecia Ali

    is senior research analyst for the Islam section of the Feminist Sexual Ethics Project at Brandeis University in Waltham, Mass.

  • Mary Stewart Van Leeuwen

    Mary Stewart Van Leeuwen

    evangelical Christian feminist; professor of philosophy and psychology at Eastern University in St. David's, Pa.