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The Strengths We Have, and the Strengths We Want to Develop

If you can be a better version of yourself, how do you want to be?

Filmmaker and internet pioneer Tiffany Shlain believes in the promises and power of digital technology to give rise to humanity’s best capabilities. Her work is based on an undergirding fascination and belief in the positive power of human character, inspired by the work of psychologists Christopher Peterson and Martin Seligman. They identified 24 basic character strengths and organized them into a “periodic table,” which continues to serve as an affirming framework for personal development today.

Bolstered by this work, Tiffany and her non-profit media production company, Let It Ripple, created a short film and program called The Science of Character, which uses this periodic table of character strengths as the basis for a heartening exploration of our capability to shape who we are, and who we want to be.

The film was part of Let It Ripple’s 2015 “Character Day,” an annual, global event celebrating the promising capability of resilience and growth that we all share. You can explore more of Tiffany Shlain and Let It Ripple’s work surrounding The Science of Character, learn about Character Day, and access resources and materials for participating in or hosting a Character Day event at Let It Ripple’s website. And, be sure to listen to Tiffany’s animated conversation with Krista on our lives with technology, “growing up the internet,” and infusing it with the strengths of character we value:

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