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in the mystery and the art of living

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for shaping your presence in a tender, tumultuous world

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A Calling
to be part of the generative story of our time

On Being is a conversation that has been building for over two decades with wise and graceful lives — across spiritual inquiry and science, social healing and the arts. You likely know us through On Being with Krista Tippett, our Peabody award-winning show that began on public radio — now podcasting special seasons. We can be found in ears, and in conversations that matter, around the world.

We are animated by humanity’s ancient questions, newly alive in this century:

What does it mean to be human? 

How do we want to live? 

And who will we be to each other?

Foundations for Being Alive Now

On seeing the generative story of our time, living your questions, taking a long view of time, and the calling to be whole. Start listening now.

Also enjoy Krista’s new TED Talk: 3 Practices for Wisdom and Wholeness.

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Grounding Virtues

We speak together differently in order to live together differently. These six “grounding virtues” guide the On Being way of conversation. They are inspiring and grounding initiatives — analog and digital, institutional and communal — around the world. Read More.


Our Libraries are thematic collections of writings and episodes from the On Being archive dating back to 2003. Wander the rows and scan the shelves.

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